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Who has benefited from Homoeopathy?

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What is the research evidence for Homeopathy?

Physico-chemical study of homeopathic medicines from Sukul Institute
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What does the NW College of Homoeopathy do?

The College provides professional clinical training and education in homoeopathy, the second largest system of medicine in the world1. Its quality is externally validated by the Society of Homeopaths, so our graduates are automatically qualified practitioners. It’s also a welcoming and supportive community of adults who want to heal and grow.
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Why study Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy can offer a rewarding career. It provides an opportunity to work closely with patients, have complete control over your employment, apply the skills you have acquired through many years' life experience, and to enjoy the benefits which homoeopathy gives to patients. No prior medical training is required. 
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